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Hi, We're LEO Cancer Care

Leo Cancer Care was founded with more than 100 years of Radiation Therapy experience by a team dedicated to challenging the norms in everything we do. Patients’ lives influence us to find a better way, a better way to improve patient care and how a patient experiences it. A better way to increase the accessibility of cancer treatments for more patients in more places. We believe our technology is that better way. Our family of world class products can provide a streamlined and efficient treatment while making the patient feel in control and hopeful. Originally founded in Australia, Leo Cancer Care has been built on research from across the globe showing the clinical benefits of upright patient positioning. Combining this with a shift from machine rotation to patient rotation, Leo Cancer Care is set to change the face of Radiation Therapy for good.

Why Work with Us?

Our Mission

Leo Cancer Care was founded with one goal in mind, to be the more human way to deliver radiation therapy. This is a very big goal but for us it breaks down into three lower level aims; improve the clinical effectiveness of Radiation Therapy through upright positioning, improve the access to Radiation Therapy by removing the need for large and expensive rotating gantries and instead introduce slow patient rotation, and empower patients and clinicians to face Radiation Therapy together; eye to eye.

Where We Are

7921 UW Health Court Middleton, WI 53562

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